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If you'd like to put your link on our site, just contact us and we can work out a link trade. Just send us the link to where our site is posted and we'll put one on ours. If you'd like to use a banner of ours in trade of a banner of yours, simply ask us for the HTML and we can get it for you.

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JacksonScene Message Board - Everything going down in the Jackson, Tennessee, music scene is usually posted here.

Record Labels & Companies Guide
: info on the majors, independents, and everything in between.

Crimethinc - Lots of good reading material. Nice people with a some good causes.

Punk And Rock Record Labels - Punk and Rock record labels - comprehensive directory. - Since 1998, Your Internet Portal for Blues, Indie and DIY Music Links, Musician's Resources, Band Links, Club & Festival Listings and CD Reviews.

Indie Music Promotion

The Local Music Directory - A directory of musician and music business website links organized by categ

Gutter-Pup Hemp - Hemp jewelry, guitar straps, etc.

("Signed" with Calamari Records and others)

Sri - Listen to Sri here

Green Garden - Listen to Green Garden Here

Isabelle - St. Lois band. Listen to them here.

Merch Links

Pirates Press - Tons of stuff offered, shirts, vinyl, DVD, CD, lighters, hats, pretty much anything you could want. Tell them you're with Calamari and get a deal on top of a deal already.

Distro Links

Big Igloo Magazine -