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About Calamari Records - Services

Calamari Records is an independent/DIY label/distro/venue. Please read the following and if you think we'd be able to help you in any way, please get in touch with us.

Our Musical Interests

Services we can offer (Details below list):
-Lodging and Food


Our distro is based on donations. If you donate something to us, we'll collect a fee for it and send it to you. Any money made will go directly to the donator, all we ask for is a dollar or two depending on the item and quantity. We will accept CDs, vinyl, vhs, dvd, cassette, posters, flyers, zines, clothing, pins, stickers, etc.. If you've got something you'd like to donate, please get in touch with us to work out the details. If you'd like to make a donation but do not wish for re-imbursment please let us know as the money recieved from your donation will go toward purchases for the distro. If you have any questions, please contact us.


We can book a show in almost any state in the U.S. If you want a show other than in TN, we will need about an advanced month notice. If you want a show in TN, we ask that you tell us at least 2 weeks before your desired date. We can help with tours.

We put on shows at the Pea Soup Lounge. For directions to the venue please contact us. For booking, please send us a presskit. We don't like EPK's (electronic press kits) and don't have the time to listen to every band online, so presskits will enable us to listen on our own time and not the borrowed of that of our online access at the moment. 


We work with some people in California and here in Jackson as far as merch goes. Please check out the Links section for a link to our associates and their services. We can also do home-made t-shirts and patches.

For information reguarding recording through us, please visit


LODGING - If you let us know that you'll need a place to stay ahead of time, we can arrange it. Most likely, you'll be staying with us (Kalan and Jared) at our house unless we can find you a spot closer to town.

FOOD - If you're going to need to be fed by us, you MUST let us know in advance. If you stay with us, then you'll most likely be fed. We can provide vegetarian and vegan meals if you so desire. "Menu" and other items concerning food will be discussed upon your request. If you are not staying with us then you are on your own, unless you don't mind Ramen noodles or macaroni and cheese.

We can offer photography of your show and promotional images if you're in town. Photography services are cheap and can be discussed with Kalan (contact info on designated site).

We can list your site on both of our if you choose to promote with us. You will be listed on our myspace page as well as this one.
PROMO PACKS: If you are interested in sending us promotional material (please e-mail us for information concerning distribution.) for a show or to be added to the label, please send it to:
Calamari Records
c/o Jared and Kalan
581 Lathams Chapel Rd
Lavinia, TN 38348
We ask that if you are looking for a show through us or looking for any kind of distro/promo to send us some kind of promo package, or at least send us a recording to give us an idea of bands to put together for a show for you or to decide the best way to promote for you.